Tuesday, August 1, 2006

(I am) Nobody's Lunch

by Shona Craven

As the queue began to form for (I Am) Nobody's Lunch, I was across the road in an internet cafe, reading online comments about the recent foiled terrorist plot.

That is to say, the alleged terrorist plot - around 50% of comments posted on BBC News were from people who believed we were being stitched up. Or 'had for lunch', as US theatre group The Civilians would put it.

Based on interviews with American citizens (including cab drivers, government employees and several namesakes of the famous Private Jessica Lynch), (I Am) Nobody's Lunch is a lively, entertaining cabaret that asks how we know what we know. And even then, are we sure?

From national security to Tom Cruise's sexuality, contributors were grilled about their beliefs on a range of topics, and the company have woven their responses into an entertaining patchwork of doubt and confusion with a smartypants philosophical conclusion.

At times (I Am) Nobody's Lunch feels a little unfair on its contributors - it's easy for these smart young Americans to mock a rather vacuous beauty queen and an eccentric, dog-loving old lady. However, the show is elevated above verbatim-for-laughs by its glorious songs. The problems of propaganda and misinformation won't be solved by harmony-laden ditties, but they sure do make things seem an awful lot less depressing.

Until August 28, 3.15pm (1h), Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh.
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